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"There has always been a lot of controversy surrounding the practice of selling DLC with games. Many people view DLC as a way to milk a game by providing content that was ultimately cut from the final release at a premium price. Within the past year or so, Nintendo has jumped on the DLC bandwagon, providing content for titles such as Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8, and now Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U, though there have certainly been critics of this move. However, in his latest Famitsu column, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai defended the decision to include DLC in the latest installments, claiming that this DLC is "genuine" and for the fans.
One excerpt from his interview indicates Sakurai's desire to make as much DLC as he can:
 "It’s a huge undertaking to create a fighter, so I think we can’t make them in large quantities. I’d also like to feel refreshed when the project is over. However, since we have decided to tackle [DLC] once, I’d like to offer as much fun [content] as possible. It will take a while from now, but please look forward to it." — Masahiro Sakurai
Though there have been some complaints about Nintendo's fairly recent push to produce DLC, it seems as though they are taking great care to develop this content in a meaningful way. How much DLC would you like to see for Super Smash Bros.? How much DLC is too much?
Source: Famitsu (via Nintendo Everything)
I'm convinced that Sakurai is one of those artists that can't stop their craft even if their body is begging them to. They're just too compelled to continue. Because this guy? Provided Iwata or whatever is not doing some evil stuff in the background, which I doubt (or at least hope) they're not, he could have taken a vacation or something, but he decided to do Mewtwo, and then Lucas, and then the character ballot, and on, and on. Dude needs a break... He'll end up hurting himself... well more I guess. Thoughts?
P.S. Damn, is the Game DB outdated as hell.... still lists Smash U as Smash Next...

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