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RolStoppable said:
ethomaz said:

You are missing 2005 and 2006 shipments that doensn't exist in Sony site because they changed Production Shipment to Shipped to Retail in 2006... Sony stopped to update the site part of PSOne (even the shipment data for PS2 is not what is showed in the site because that).

Sony stopped to produce PSOne in March 2006... so there is 1 year data not covered that Sony didn't give PSOne numbers anymore like they stopped to give PS2 and they will stop to give PS3 numbers too.

102.49m is what Sony produced until March 2005.

PS. Fixed it is only one year of missing data... from March 2005 to March 2006 Sony didn't showed data for PSOne.

The change in reporting started with fiscal year 2007, because that's when Sony had to cover up for the PS3 that performed far below expectations.

What really happened is that Sony didn't produce any PS1s during fiscal year 2006 and instead just sold off the remains that they had in their warehouses. Hence no shipments to report, so Sony announced that the system had been discontinued.

That makes a great deal more sense than imagining Sony producing 2 million more units of PS1 to have to sell through in the 11th year and beyond of it's life, with PS2 already having been on the market for 5 years, and with the PS3 about to release in November of 2006.