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BraLoD said:
kowenicki said:
BraLoD said:

But wasn't it discontinued in 2006?

fiscal years.... and these are from Sony earnigns releases.  Its about as official as it can be.

It is 100% correct.

Evwn if it is fiscal years, there is one missing if it's been discontinued in 2006.

Maybe there is the reason it's 1.75 over that here (or not, I dunno)

Even if you suppose that another 2 million were manufactured the year it was discontinued, which besides the fact that there is no evidence to support this happened, why would they do that?  I mean, is it really plausible for it to have sold 4 million more units after 2005?  The PS2 was six years on the market at that point, fully Backwards Compatible with the PS1's software library, and by April 2006 was only $129 new at retail.  I can't fathom the amount of sales that people who support the 104.25 total are imagining the PS1 to have enjoyed in the 12th year and beyond of its lifecycle.