kinisking said:

Edit: this was on my friends console lol

The good: 

Mario kart is even better looking in real life. Just wow! Had a lot of fun with it.

Smash is also incredibly fun. Had a huge line up of characters. 

The pro controller is pretty darn comfortable!

Tablet is also pretty comfy.

The bad :The items in smash u seem over powered in comparison to melee and 64 ( never played brawl) though. Having the bat and the hammer was good enough for strong items imo but now i feel like its to many. This might be due to me being unfamiliar with the items however, or im just forgetting how useful the items were in melee because its been so long.

Although the tablet is pretty comfy the handles are whatever they are on the back is rather annoying. When i try to grip them like a regular grip its just awkward (maybe its just me lol). so i prefer just keeping the rest of my hand flat on the back.

So yeah there isnt much thats bad. Really enjoyed it and think its a great console!

The handles do feel natural after a while of use, the same way an Xbox 360 controller and button layout (ABXand Y are all backwards) seemed weird after mostly using a Gamecube.