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tak13 said:
KBG29 said:

Release a 4G model, for Remote Play, PS Now, PS Vue, PS Video, PS Music, and ability to make calls/texts via ooVoo.

Increased RAM for enhanced multitasking only (No change for games).

Throw in a 4000mAh battery in it so it will last all day.

Offer it with built in memory (32GB or 64GB) + expandable via PS Vita Memory Cars.

That is all I want, the biggest of them being the 4G.

KBC You do realise that this implies a big increase of the price...Right?

The On Board Storage would add a little, but the rest would almost make no difference. These components are very cheap. Things like the iPhone, Galaxy Phones, Xperia Z line, the actual build price on them is only in the mid $200 range. A Vita with all of the above, and 64GB of on board memory would be profitable or break even at $249.99. Break it back to no 4G, and no on board storage, and they would have a more funcational device, with a longer battery life at the same price or cheaper than it is today.

That is the beauty of the console market. Break even or low margin profit on the hardware, and make the profits from software and services. With consoles and handhelds you are not paying 70% mark ups like the tablet and smartphone industry.

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