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TheSource said:

Average minimum expectation for each console:

Wii - 57.6 million

Xbox 360 - 34.73 million

Playstation 3 - 29.3 million

The first post (by me) was 50 million for Wii, 35 million for 360, and 40 million for PS3..interesting.


People continue to serious overestimate the 360. They're ignoring big Microsoft's problems in Europe. I don't see how the 360 sells more than the PS3 when it will lose both Japan and Europe. The only shot it has is if Europe ends close and it sells significantly more in the US, and I don't see either as strong liklihoods. In addition to a Europe and Japan problem Microsoft still has a big time casual gamer problem. My numbers

Wii 40 million

PS3 30 million

360 25 million

These are absolute lows. I think all three will sell better, probably at least 10-15 million units better, but we're going for absolute lows here.