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these are all worst case scenarios, unless of course we see another global market crash, then anything goes

360: 30 Mil, even if everything goes wrong and Sony winns again 30 Mil is the minimum,

PS3: 20 Mil, I know this sounds like a bash but considering it´s price and considering everything that (still) can go wrong goes wrong, all the High Dev games go to the 360 the PS3 would crash worse than the 360 with a lower price and the head start,

Wii: 50 Mil, again this sound like a fanboy statement but there just isn´t so much that can go wrong for Nintendo, even if this unrealistic fad argument catches on and everybody needs HD by next year and all the third parties leave and the new demographics lose interest, Nintendo still has it´s own stuff and will sell at leastl 2-3 times what the GC did,

I just now see that naznatips copied my ideas before I posted them, well great minds think alike

@ kber: if you think Sony can sell 70 Mil if everything and I mean EVERYTHING goes wrong what will they sell if everything goes right ??? 200 Mil, I know it can have a long livetime but 70 Mil is really high for a WORST case scenarion, 50 Mil, ok but even the N64 only soled 60something Mil. and it was far from beeing a worst case scenario, but thats ok, who knows maybe I just don´t give the Playstation brand the respect it deserves