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kinisking said:
super_etecoon said:

Maroon 5 is such a band.  I don't recognize your second choice.  This is hardly redeeming, however, as Meme Run and Candy Crush are also games...but not "real games" if you get my weak analogy.

I'm sorry, but what passes for music and talent these days to young ears always surprises me.  I had a very engaging conversation with my nephew and his 13 year old friend.  They were rattling off Beatles songs and Led Zepplein albums.  It was inspiring and filled me with the kind of hope that warms cold hearts.  Is this a sign of a rebirth?  Or are these two just heavily influenced by fathers that know best.  Time will tell. 

Or maybe,just maybe, everyone has their own tastes and there is no such thing as knowing best. The older generation tends to hate the younger generation's music all thie time, just like when people thought rock and metal was the devils music

Hahaha.  Yeah, I know. As you were.