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Smeags said:
DexInDaJungle said:
Smeags said:
Good to see them taking the game seriously. Well, at least talking the talk.

Hopefully they'll walk the walk and give it the push it needs. Very much looking forward to the game. ^_^

What would you consider being the push it needs? I doubt they advertise it on TV or anything so all I can think of is bundles.

I think a bundle with Splatoon and MK8 would be interesting.

Well that's what I was hoping for haha.

Even a game-specific Direct would be nice to get the core Nintendo fanbase on board (who are the ones supporting the Wii U anyways). Any sort of advertising is key at this point. I know they've already begun with in store advertising, which is good to see.

They should make a special amiibo for it that comes free with every pre-order. People who are crazy about amiibo might have more incentive to pick up the game early.