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DexInDaJungle said:
Goodnightmoon said:
DexInDaJungle said:
Goodnightmoon said:
-Ps4 will lead by far
- Wii U is going to sell 5m
-Splatoon will reach 1.5m
-Witcher 3 is going to have a +90 on Metacritic
- Zelda U will be the best scored game of the year and is going to sell more than 2 millions before 2016 (if it´s released before December)
- Price cut for the 3.

Wanna bet on Splatoon? :P

Yes sure, let´s bet :) I say is going to be a million seller by far

Okay, if it's under one million by the end of 2015 I win, anything over one million you win.

30 day avatar control at stake?

Fair enough, bet made :P