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Kerotan said:
Greenbeans said:

Leave the Vita out of this? A 2015 thread?

Then I see no reason to talk about the DS and PS4. 

I remember Sony fans whining that you can't compare handhelds and consoles when Sony was losing. Suddenly, you can compare them now? 

This truly confuses me more than the fact the Vita is a failure. 

So much wrong with this.  Why are you using a generalising statement of others to describe me?  


And yes leave the vita out please.  Make your own thread of what you want to compare the vita to something.  This however is about the two best selling consoles in the usa.  The 3ds and the ps4. 

Are you trolling? Is this a joke? 

Because I still saw no point in comparing the DS and PS3 if this is a 2015 thread. 


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