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The surprising popularity of Youkai Watch has probably been a  surprise for everyone this gen. The game keeps selling really well in Japan, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down, at the contrary. It's even threatening the dominance of Pokemon as the monster-collector champion, a position it has hold since 1996.

Pokemon this gen (main series, not spin-offs)

Game Platform Year Genre Publisher Japan
Pokémon X/Y 3DS 2013 Role-Playing Nintendo 4.29
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 3DS 2014 Role-Playing Nintendo 2.69

TOTAL 6.98+ digital numbers

Youkai Watch this gen

Game Platform Year Genre Publisher Japan
Youkai Watch 2 Ganso/Honke 3DS 2014 Role-Playing Level 5 3.10
Youkai Watch 2 Shinuchi 3DS 2014 Role-Playing Level 5 2.50
Youkai Watch 3DS 2013 Role-Playing Level 5 1.32

TOTAL  6.92 + digital


Even if we assume there will be a Pokemon Z or a Youkai Watch 3, which franchise will become the king of the monsters this gen?

P.S. When is YW coming to the west? Is this year or the next?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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