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binary solo said:
Ryng_Tolu said:
Wii U back in TOP 50.
XBO very close to PS4 after all, considering The Order released and BloodBorne incoming...
Ans Zelda still in TOP TEN after 4 week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think FF Type 0 will push more PS4's than TO and Bloodborne combined. It's 11th on the list and still 2 weeks to go. Bloodborne will likely have no effect on hardware until a day or 2 before release, but by then FF Type 0 will already be on the market and shifting enough hardware that any effect Bloodborne has will be almost lost in the noise. FF week will have higher hardware sales than Bloodborne week, so I expect some people to take the opportunity to claim Bloodborne is a disappointment.

Xb one is moving up the list. The +1 controller bundle is a very good deal for $349. 

Looks like Wii U could be headed for a >100K month in the USA.

The Order will be gone from the top 100 in the next few hours. We won't see it again until there is a price cut, and even then we might not see it.

Hope so.

15,750 avarance in January.

20,000 for break 100k in March.