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Ayyar said:
Nate_Drake said:

This site is nothing but Sony hardons with Mods that ban everyone that says anything negative about Sony but praise the ones who bash Microsoft.  Get fucked, cunts.  Oh, and to the mod that bans this account, go suck your mom's dick, cockbag.  Sony is shit, they can't make a product the sells other than a console that will be obsolete in 3 years.  Making threads defending every single decision Sony makes isn't going to save them and trying to paint M$ in a bad light just makes you look even more pathetic you insecure pieces of shit.  There's a reason M$ is work $300B and Sony is worth $15B... It's because Sony sucks asshole at everything it does.  Also, all you fucking Weeaboo's, just because you eat rice while wearing a kimono and hold a samuri sword doesn't make you a jap.  Grow the fuck up you JPOP cunts.


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- Shinobi-san

Not gonna argue the fact that Sony makes a lot of products that don't sell well, but What has Microsoft made that sells well besides Windows and Office? And mind you those are two products which basically have a monoply in their market and everyone is stuck with them. 

Everything MS makes for the consumer market is a flop be it Zune, Windows Phone, Tablets, you name it. 360 was a moderate success, but XBOX devision is still like $7 billion in the red. 

lol did you seriously just respond to that in a serious manner