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thedawghousev2 said:
Nuvendil said:
And the Wii U continues to climb. I wonder if we'll see it enter the top 50 in the coming days? It's close. And Mario Party 10 climbing higher as well, now in the top 70. Xenoblade holding on and trying to stay in the top 100. Will it make it all the way to launch? Going to be interesting.

i think if the wii u gets a $100 price cut it's sales will (obviously) skyrocket, and it will sell a lot more than a lot of us are expecting.


i literally just stated the obvious but i really want the wii u to sell better.

Shoot, a $50 one would probably cause quite a big increase.  I think the Wii U is kinda stuck in the "last straw" area with a lot of people, where people are kinda teetering on the edge but not quite convinced.  If the price falls by a significant ammount right now, it could push a good number of people over the edge.  The Wii U has a lot of positivity with its exclusives.  So yeah, a significant price cut - $50 to $100 - would draw in some serious sales.  Probably a lot of people would be interested in it as a suplementary device to their PC/Xbone/PS4.