DanneSandin said:
hsrob said:
I'm not really sure those examples prove anything, they're not even close to the best offerings on their respective consoles. Mario Kart 8, 3D World and Smash Bros are. Nintendo's big franchises would make a killing on any console.

Never mind that in this hypothetical future those orphaned Nintendo fans are going to have to game on something, so the games should at least sell as much as they did on Wii U. Unless we are to assume that all Nintendo's fans are going to up and evaporate with the hardware.

Ecxuse me? http://www.metacritic.com/search/all/littlebigplanet/results?sort=score LBP has a metacritic of 95! It's one of THE best reviewed games on PS3! And what placement did it have in the top 30 PS3 games? Minecraft didn't get bad reviews either: http://www.metacritic.com/search/all/minecraft/results?sort=score And neither did Lego Marvel http://www.metacritic.com/search/all/Lego-marvel-super-heroes/results?sort=score Or what about Rayman Legends? http://www.metacritic.com/search/all/rayman-legends/results?sort=score These games all got good to GREAT scores.

What are you basing your comment "Nintendo [...] would make a killing on any console"? Just because it's Nintendo? Sure, most Nintendo fans would get PS5 or Xbox... two?.... if Nintendo didn't make their own console any more and had offerings on those systems, but how many else WOULD buy them? A lot of times talking is just that; talking. A lot of them people who wants Nintendo games on other consoles are just talking, and wouldn't buy the games. And the majority of gamers wouldn't give a rats ass. A small minority of existing PS4/XOne gamers would buy Nintendo games if they were on their prefered c onsole.

You've just had to cherry pick from your own post to help make your point, you use LBP as your primary example when it must have been clear I was particularly alluding to this gen. As for the other examples that you have thrown in, how did they sell on Nintendo's console? Rayman, Marvel, where do they feature in Nintendo's top selling titles? What about the PS4 games in the OP? Calling Minecraft 'kiddie' is a stretch at best and the other two were still reviewed significantly lower the the flagship Nintendo titles thus far this gen. That alone could be enough reason to explain why they haven't sold that well. It's not proof that there isn't a market for kiddie games on Sony consoles and it's certainly not proof that there's no market for Nintendo games on Sony consoles.

Another significant issue with attempting to draw parallel's between these titles that have been arbitrarily designated 'kiddie' is that Nintendo's kiddie titles are first party, whereas the majority of Sony's are not.  Look for the best rated and top selling games on any console and first party games are always heavily represented.

The most common complaint you hear about Nintendo games from non Nintendo console owners is, "I wish it was on console X, it's a great game but I'm not buying a system for 1-2 great games." Now while that's no guarantee of sales it raises the possibility that there exists an untapped market for some Nintendo games amongst the Nintendo non-faithful.

They would make a killing because given the install base they have always made a killing. Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, Pokemon, Mario Kart. Increase the install base and you will increase the sales, by how much is anyone's guess.  Increase the install base by 4-5 fold and what do you think will happen? It's not going to increase sales 4-5 fold but it's bound to have a big impact.

In the end it's all supposition, but I'm not quite sure why you believe yours to be so much more reliable than mine or anyone else's. We've never actually seen how well a Mario 'kiddie' game could sell on a non-Nintendo and while we can attempt to draw parallels and analogies, it's naive to think that it allows us to draw any solid conclusions on either side of the debate.

Anyway, no more debating for me tonight, past bedtime :)