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celador said:
Looking forward to it as always. Certain people expected X1 domination in 2015 after Nov+Dec results. This month won't tell us much about that going forward, but should be interesting regardless

Well we have 12 days of Februaru Amazon ranking info saying PS4 is ahead so far this month, and with nothing to give Xb one a boost after Evolve came and went with a bit of a fizzle there's ony the Order that can change things up, and it is likely to give PS4 a boost, unless it's complete rubbish. So you can fairly confidently put Feb into the PS4 column. Then there's March and Bloodborne, and if The Order is at least somewhat decent it will carry a reasonable baseline through to Bloodborne. So March is looking to be PS4's moreso than Xb one's.

I dunno what's on the horison after that. But it does seem that a $50 price difference isn't really doing the job for Xb one if the job is to beat PS4 in the USA. But it is doing a job, which is to give Xb one decent sales in the USA.

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