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Smeags said:

I wonder if XenoBlade Chronicles X can take the crown from Zelda, especially with the Japanese release date (and the increasing information drops) increasing the excitement for the game.

Another great thread. Go Michael go!

(I don't have any say within the writers team, but this event should totally be a monthly article.)

Would be nice to see this as a monthly feature in the articles section of the website. This would be a lot more interesting then many of the articles.

I'll be done school in 3 months, just have to bear with me until then. The issue is that some days I'm just not home, or not home long. March's results will also be posted a day late because I won't be home Sunday until very late.

mjk45 said:

I agre with smeags  this should be monthly , but it would depend on whether Michael has the time to do it , if not maybe some one else .

I would love if someone else took over, or if I alternated with someone, but no one wants to. The issue with making this monthly is that VGC only has 1 writer, which is TrnksSwrd, and they aren't looking to hire any others.

alternine said:
The Witcher 3 was delayed into May.

Thank you, any other release dates that I should be aware about? I really need to update it and I don't really spend much time online anymore.

JEMC said:
OT: First of all, thanks for your hard work, Michael, specially now that you don't have as much time as you used to.

It's weird to see Wii U falling so much and yet having the top 2 games, but Nintendo as a publishers has lost a lot of votes (136 to 119 votes, 435 to 375 points) and so it shows.

I wonder if Xeno will take the top spot this month, with the last Direct and being more close to release than Zelda.

WiiU is probably down because I didn't message people last month, so the turnout was smaller. Odd to see Nintendo specifically get affected the most, but I guess it did. Nintendo could just be down because 3DS has no long term games releasing (except for the recently announced Fire Emblem if) and WiiU has no short term games releasing.


If you guys want to help out, message people who didn't vote.

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