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Platform February (%) January (%) Change (%)
PS4 41.4 38.1 +3.3
WiiU 31.5 35.3 -3.8
3DS 9.8 9.2 +0.6
XB1 9.2 7.4 +1.8
PC 4.8 6.8 -2.0
Vita 1.9 2.6 -0.7
PS3 1.3 0.6 +0.7
X360 0 0.0 0.0

WiiU fell a lot this month, I have no clue why. 3DS would have been down as well had it not been for the newly announced and unexpected Fire Emblem if.

March Results will likely see WiiU votes get slightly restored with many multiplatform games releasing. 3DS should be down with Zelda gone, PS4 will likely stay level with many votes for The Order and The Witcher 3 moving to other games.

Publisher February (%) January (%) Change (%)
Nintendo 38.3 40.7 -2.4
Sony 19.5 16.8 +2.7
Square Enix 8.8 5.9 +2.9
Microsoft 6.5 6.7 -0.2
Warner Bros 5.4 6.7 -1.3
Konami 4.3 5.6 -1.3
Atlus 3.8 3.8 0
CAPCOM 1.8 2.2 -0.4

I feel that this month, a small group of people just forgot to vote. Metal Gear Solid V, Konomi's big game, did not get any non-PS4 votes after all. Nintendo fell a bit, and Sony gained, likely because of that new Uncharted trailer from a little while ago and games like The Order and Bloodborne releasing soon. Square Enix gained some FFXV hype this month, and most others lost some of the share.

Next month, anything can happen. Nintendo and Sony can both drop with the release of Zelda and The Order, but at the same time hype for other games could gain momentum. Warner Bros will take a hit with The Witcher 3 releasing.

Genre February (%) January (%) Change (%)
Action-Adventure 32.4 32.2 +0.2
JRPG 27.7 29.4 -1.7
Shooter 15.0 15.5 -0.5
WRPG 6.8 6.9 -0.1
Platformer 5.2 3.0 +2.2
Strategy 4.5 2.7 +1.8
Horror 2.6 2.3 +0.3

Platformer and Strategy are up this month because of the addition of a few new games like Cuphead, Phantom Dust, and Fire Emblem if. JRPG's are down again for the second month in a row, which is surprising since most people liked the XenoBlade Chroncles X and FFXV trailers and those are the two biggest JRPG's on the list. The rest show minor changes.


BTW I realize that I forgot to include "Other" in Genre's and Publishers. Too lazy to update atm, so for now I'll tell you that:

Other Publishers - 8.08%
Other Genres - 5.83%

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