I honestly have no problem with any of that.

4v4 should not need bots. Most 12v12 PC games no longer offer bots anyway.

Voice chat I would wager is used by under 10% of players on online games. Possibly less. Besides, being matched with randoms is herding cats at best, fighting yourself at worst.

As for the only one mode, I took it they meant 4v4 was the only configuration. Even if it is one mode, I don't mind.

The vast majority of online gamers gravitate towards a single mode anyways. People howled for World of Tanks to add more modes and in the end they added an additional three and they were so barren that the devs removed one of the modes entirely. War Thunder has three different realism options but anything other than "casual" is abandoned. I would also wager that 90%+ of Call of Duty matches are Team Deathmatch.

Hell, the only map people play in all three counter strike games is De_dust2