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Ryng_Tolu said:

I want make this thread because i have note that the console market is seriusly change...

Why i think so?


Much people said that 3DS sell "bad" because isn't increase 2011 to 2012-2013.

In the US the Peak year was 2011 and in Japan 2012.

But it is because 3DS or because the market?

See PS VITA. What is the Peak year? 2012!!!

First was the Peak year, and usually a Sony console have a Huge Boost in the second year... but vita is dropped.

And we want talk about Wii U?

Usually N console have a 40% increase in the second year...(worst scenario was GC with +30%).

And Wii U? Wii U is rise by just 10%!!!

So, we have:

3DS up by 5% first to second year. (DS +100%!!!)

Wii U up by 10% first to second year (Wii +45%!!!)

Vita down first to second year...


What is the sense of this thread?

That probabily even PS4 and XBO have already break the Peak...

Usually a MS console have a 5 to 10 % increase first to second year, so, we have MASSIVE ptobabily that this year XBO will be down like Vita.

PS console usually have 30% increase first to second year... so, maybe this year PS4 will increase by 10-15% as Wii U? Or maybe will be down!?

I dunno, but don't expect big increase for PS4 and XBO.


Also, i make a prediction.

Next gen (9 gen) all console will break the Peak in the first year.



Did you agree with me?

So we have to wait 6 years or more to necro this thread  to see if your 9th gen prediction comes true , I hope your still here.