RolStoppable said:
amp316 said:

So that's it, huh?  It looks like I'm the Super Bowl Champion.  Woo-hoo!  I won and all of that.   I'm the best. 

I know what some of you guys are saying.  You're saying that I have an ego, but let's look at the facts.  I am the only VGChartz member to win the VGChartz Super Bowl and The Greatest User Contest.  I can humbly state that this has to make me undoubtedly the greatest VGhartz member of all time.  What can I say?  Give it up for me! 

Sorry, man. I won The Greatest User Contest and the World Cup prediction league, so my collection of titles is superior. I am also a sexist, so I am the greatest member of all time.

...and I guess I'm stuck with being the Peyton Manning of users after running away with the best record in the regular season and immediately losing in the first round of the playoffs.