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Samus Aran said:
Wright said:
artur-fernand said:
And Ocarina of Time is #1 AGAIN ._.
Sigh, that's so boring. Hasn't Chrono Trigger, FFVI and VII cracked the top 10 in past years? Why does every single game seem to change their position each year, but OoT and Mario 64 remain at the top 2?

The more people take part in this, the more games come and go between position. Most people, though, hold OoT and Mario 64 at the 1st and 2nd respectively, so that's the reason they don't change at all despite the others being all over the place.

Some people want to show they're old school by voting for those games I guess.

N64  games have not aged well. It's an insult to the entire game industry to put these games on number one. It's like saying the very first cars were also the best ones...

If SMG released alongside Mario 64 almost no one would think Mario 64 is better, I'm sure of that.

15% of Mario 64 is collecting 100 coins in vast levels, that's obnoxious. And soooooo many problems with the camera.

N64 games have not aged well...visually.  Same with all early 3D games.  Gameplay wise?  Many of them still hold up well today.

Mario controls better in Mario 64 than many modern 3D platformers.  Despite your complaints about the camera, I still run across worse cameras in modern games.  I still don't think the single player of GoldenEye or Perfect Dark has been equalled by modern FPS, and those games have a bunch of cheat modes and multiplayer modes you just don't see anymore.  Diddy Kong Racing had three vehicle types, all of which were a ton of fun.

I voted for Galxay to be higher than Mario 64.  I still had 64 in my top 10, as it is still a fantastic game that holds up to this day. Don't pretend that it is somehow a bad game.

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