ckmlb said:
I'm waiting for the people who usually moan about FPSes come in here and praise this game cause it's on Wii...

The difference is that Wii FPSes don't force you to use clumsy thumbsticks. Also, the FPS market isn't super-saturated like it is on PS360. Red Steel and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 are the only notable FPS games on Wii (I will never consider Metroid Prime 3 an FPS), and they have substantial flaws.

I would love to have a CoD4- or Orange Box-quality FPS with Wii controls. I'm not even talking about graphical quality, just polished, multiplayer gameplay. If High Voltage can pull that off, I think they can make a killing serving a market that a lot of publishers pretend doesn't exist on Wii.

A generic, run-of-the-mill FPS lands on Xbox, and people shrug and add that junk to the pile. The same FPS lands on Wii and the library has expanded with more variety. That's all there is to it. 

"The worst part about these reviews is they are [subjective]--and their scores often depend on how drunk you got the media at a Street Fighter event."  — Mona Hamilton, Capcom Senior VP of Marketing
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