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pbroy said:

The end of last gen I started my digital game collection with the weekly deals. Games at $5-10. Even if I had the physical game already, it just makes it more convenient to not swap discs and play games instantly. I transitioned into buying only collectors editions at launch with pre order goodies and just waiting for the game to go on sale digitally to finally play it.

When this current gen started I decided to go physical because fucking blu-rays are like 30 gig downloads. Then I lost the convenience of playing games on the fly. Kinect also made me wish I went all digital this gen. Telling it to play my games instantly without putting a disc in is high society living. Now I wish M$ went with their buy from retail, own it on digital plan. I could just install the game without the downloading part and have the convenience of instant game access.

So I thought about how going digital is like free games on multiple consoles. On a 360 i could download all my games onto a 360. Then reset my licence every 4 months and download them to another 360. This would give each console home rights and anyone can play them.

All digital is the future for me. Only collector editions will be store bought and other scalpable purchases

I get you. The convenience is so nice. I never expected to download Sunset Overdrive, but rather buy that physically. Eventually, I cracked because Microsoft put it on sale for $30. That was good enough for me. Sony had an even better sale as well.