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Game_God said:
foodfather said:
The premise is simply shite.

The idea of a 1st person movie is great and some day, there will be a movie that a lot of people will flock to, not just gamers. This is not that movie.

Something along the lines of Strange Days and Total Recall would make for a great 1st person movie. Or even something cliched and cheesy like Art of Valour.

This is clearly a movie made by gamers for gamers, not a serious action movie. Low budget & all, yet I find the idea great & form a technical p.o.v. it's really well done, all the scene was done in 1 sequence shot which is remarkable!

i'm not sure which post to reply to so i'll just pick this one..

...low budget is obvious.  i'm not sure how unique the idea is but it's a neat attempt i suppose.  i'll bet the "genre" of first person movie could really take off if VR headsets take off and a ton of really neat story telling possibilities could open up with that kind of tech.   also porn.