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I'm sure we all have fond (or hateful) memories of the GameCube gem Kirby Air Ride. Even though I know my previous statement will provoke many negative emotions, I hope we all can stay civil on this thread and just discuss whether or not if a Kirby Air Ride U came out and was done right if it could be a huge gun for Wii U sales. Granted Kirby has never been a major catalyst for console sales, but if the Air Ride series turned out like Mario Kart, it could possibly push some units. I mean, look at Mario games. They certainly get consoles and handhelds selling, but no where near as much as the racing spinoff. So even if a Kirby Air Ride would only give a mediocre boost but maintain legs for the console would it be worth it? And also, how could they change the formula to make it better? Improve on the original, copy Mario Kart, or something completely new?


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Thanks for all the great memories!