in my opinion, if you look at this from last Apr it is clear in that area Microsoft kept production down, did microsoft since than increase its production of xboxone units/month ie: ramp up production or did they gather the current production rate since Apr in order to have enough units on hand for christmas selling season, and did Microsoft in any time since after christmas post season say they are increasing xboxone production ie: ramp up production. Ie: in my opinion the way i see it Microsoft has not increased production since Apr 2014 as a matter of fact they reduced, had a surplus of units to sell for christmas 2014 and drew down their production number of units/ month because even after the sales the areas for microsoft strong demand is NA and the UK. thus its more than feasable that its overtracked than likely spot on, because again as of Apr microsoft stated drawn down production number's and as sofar never stated there was a ramp up of production, since than.


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