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      So ive been reading alot of posts on here and the interwebz lately things like XB1 is making a comeback it won 2 NPDs, XB1s price is back at 349 again its gonna own US from here on, and the XB1 is a SW beast even though we dont now if each SW outsold its PS4 counterpart by 5k or 500k.  but what ive not been reading is... it doesnt matter what the xb1s price droped to it still aint gonna outsell the PS4 not even in US.  what people have failed to realize is no matter what happens the PS4 will always be the it console this gen and thats not gonna change until another gen begins its that simple

To understand further lets take a look on how the ps4 became the it console in the first place, the ps4 began life on a high like most it consoles.  when it was announced it was revealed that it would have 8GB of gddr ram and it would be unified all for 399, if that doesnt say game over then idk what does.  on top of that the ps4 got a controller redesign a first since the DS was released over 10 yrs ago, and to most its the best console controller ever created.  further more all the great SW devs are still on board exclusively on the ps4 those include Naughty dog or naughty gods, Guerilla Games, Media Molecule, Polyphony Digital, SCE Bend Studio, SCE Santa Monica Studio, Sucker Punch and many more.   along with the fact that this gen the PS4 will get the most indie games and in most cases these will be exclusive so you have the power, the controller and the games what more do yo u need?

Being the it console kinda grants you immunity or the upper hand against the competition in the sales war for example the Xb1 outsold the ps4 on NPD in the last 2 months by over 500k but the ps4 sold more than the xb1 by 500k in 2014.   in 2015 the ps4 will continue to run the show on NPD with exclusive SW releasing to help it like let it die, until dawn, deep down, ratchet and clank reboot, the order, tearaway, no mans sky, eveyones gone to rapture, persona 5, hellblade, rime, bloodborne, uncharted 4, and many more.  this will result in taking back NPD and breaking MS short lived 2 in row starting with Jan

It will win more NPDs out of the 12 in 2015 and will have sold more in US for 2015s total


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