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"and authorities in the Xinjiang city of Karamy barred anyone wearing burqas, niqabs, hijabs or simply “large beards” from taking public buses."

That's sad. Fundamental Islam can lead to violent fanaticism, but not all fundamentalists are fanatics.

It's another sign of increased religious intolerance around the world, and as a Christian I am against it, even if it doesn't affect my personal religion. Freedom is a value of many progressive countries. But none will stand against this.

It is pretty harsh (especially the large beards part), but it makes sense. If you think of it as separate from the religion then people covering their faces when they are in the streets isn't a good thing. They could very well be robbers or something, so from a security standpoint it does make sense.

I'm gonna have to stop going out in winter then.

That's.... a very good point.

I guess the main thing I was thinking about is sometimes women refuse to remove them when it is needed to see their faces. I did say it was kinda harsh, it probably could do with some altering, but in some cases it is understandable.

Yes I agree there are some times when proof of identity is needed, and being unable to show your face to an official can complicate things (needing female staff permanently on hand and a special room just to check passports for example). There is no security issue in wearing them in the street though.

The no beards rule is particularly odd, makes it seem like a joke or something from N.Korea... ZZ Top are going to have to cancel their tour.