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Smeags said:

1. I included all versions of Street Fighter II as one.

2. No one voted for EarthWorm Jim (1 or 2) and that's a damn shame.

3. Sonic 3 & Knuckles were seperated since they were seperate game releases in 1994. But I'm totally with you in that S&K (and even moreso S3&K) is the definitive Sonic experience. (Which is why I usually have a Knuckles avatar!)

Oh, there was a vote?  Well, that explains it all.  And, Breakers was a fantastic game on the neo-geo.  Too bad Breakers Revenge never showed up on the console.  It would have sold 40 million+ more units. :P

But, you know, Sonic & Knuckles alone wasn't enough to keep me from Sonic 2.  I always thought it was too short.  Even when I first beat the game at age 5, or 6, or maybe 7...  I was just left wanting more...  but, when I got Sonic 3, things changed. It felt like the complete game I'd wanted.  So, individually, maybe I'd put Sonic 2 on top, but Sonic 3 & knuckles as a complete game, completely beats out Sonic 2 in every aspect.