padib said:

Thanks Kappie1977, and history seems to agree with us.

Nem said:

Religious ideas! Cmon, do i have to spell it out? I dont mean you cant think and speak what you will, i'm saying you cant force it into others.

You are interpreting me personally when i'm talking about this in light of the incident that is the threads theme.

I agree with you. The problem is that asking a ban on religion forces an idea (non-religion) onto others.

The only way to fight ideas you think are wrong, even evil, is with ideas. To censor ideas never really resolves them.

It is societies job to filter out the ideas that may disrupt civil order though. Its actually what i sugested. To defend an idea of a new peaceful religion that cuts all ties with the past idea of religion as a holy crusade is necessary to evolve religion into something that can exist in a peaceful intellectual society.

If that doesnt happen, the society does have to defend itself against it. I believe its what is happening with China in this case.

DanneSandin said:

First of all, I'm oppossed to all religions as well, but banning them is not what a democratic sociaty does. That boarders to dictatorship, telling people what to believe. What we should do is to educate people (and perhaps most of all children) and just show them what kind of gods they worship.

I recommend you read my conversation with padib to clear some things up. You are having religion play the role of the victim when they are the agressor. I do believe they need to be eradicated by evolution into a better doctrine than by beeing forced to do it. But, if this does not happen societies will be forced to have to defend themselves from it. This is very different from banning them cause they disagree with it or dictatorship. Its self defense over something that promotes irrational and distabilizing behaviour to others inside the society.

I am sure you wouldnt be so understanding if one of your family worked on the offices in france and got killed. This kind of behaviour in modern society is intolerable. Non violent muslims will tell you the problem is a minority and not all, but that is not true. The problem is the religion. It has not evolved, it didnt move into modern times and its open interpretation and past history promotes this kind of behaviour. It needs changing. A new Islam is necessary because the west will eventually lose patience and raise bans or the conditions to another Hitler rising to power will return. Of course, this isnt isolated to Islam, i just used it as an example. China is now on the first stage of that.