padib said:
Nem said:

They are not ideas, they are irrational beliefs. I dont see a problem in freedom of thought and speech at all, but these religions atempt to impose themselves over everyone else, often spreading irrational commandments to prevent its extinction aswell as to enforce its views.

Having ideas is all nice and dandy, but keep them to yourself, basically. 

Religion was something used to bring order to a chaotic world where a means of enforcement was necessary. Nowadays information flows easily, police forces can cope with the reduced criminality and courts bring justice and garantee punishment to infractors. There is no more need for religion. Its nefarious self-preservation and spread policies bring more harm than they bring good. They also can't continue to exist as peaceful doctrines while that aspect isnt taken care of, and quite honestly, we know it never will. Maybe its time to create a new religion that keeps up with the times and isnt an excuse for extreme behaviour amd get rid of the old ones.

What is the difference between an idea and a belief? The spreading of ideas applies to religious and non-religious ideas equally.

People share ideas all the time, I'm not sure where you came to the conclusion that people should keep ideas to themselves. You are sharing an idea on a forum right now which displeases me, yet I don't ask you to keep it to yourself. People share ideas all the time, it's part of being human.

You are kind of contradicting yourself though, since at first you asked for banning religions as a whole but now you're proposing a new religion. Also, religion is a type of idea that tries to answer questions about the metaphysical world. Improved police force will never satisfy the existential questions humankind will have for most likely the entirety of its existence.

Religious ideas! Cmon, do i have to spell it out? I dont mean you cant think and speak what you will, i'm saying you cant force it into others.

You are interpreting me personally when i'm talking about this in light of the incident that is the threads theme.