Lafiel said:
DanneSandin said:

But this ban enables others to still wear a ski mask in a demonstration and behave like a dick and destroy public property. Thats even more negative than for a woman to wear a face mask. Thats why I said that NO ONE should be allowed to cover up their face. Not the muslim woman. Not the anarcist. Not anyone. Better to ban all masks rsther than just the religious ones, because thats a sure way to create an INtolarante multicultural situation

sounds like just banning masks in an official demonstration is a better solution there as masks itself aren't a big problem, as long as people don't wear them every day/most of the time

in china/asia it's also pretty normal to wear masks when you have a cold/fever/flu, to prevent it from spreading (or during times of heavy smog/sandstorms) - those alone still leave a person pretty identifiable though unlike a burqa or niqab

I'm sorry, but I do not understand where you are coming from. Shouldn't these "flu masks" also prevent people from interacting with each others, similar to how you argue that burqas should be banned because of this very same thing? Banning a specific religious garb is oppressing. I'm not surprised that China does it, but any democratic sociaty shouldn't. Better to ban ALL masks in that case.

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