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padib said:
Samus Aran said:

The problem is you're trying to seperate politics and religion. Other than that, there's not much wrong with what you say. 

If Islamic countries could achieve seperation of state and religion they'd be much better off. Turkey is the only Islamic country that has achieved that. It's also the most civilized (although I don't like what Erdogan is doing there at the moment...). 

Islam teaches a lot of very good things. There are parts of the religion that can empower psychotic people, but the majority of the religion is one of values and principles.

The problem here isn't the religion. The problem is that people are not being reasonable. If the people of these countries stopped abusing of each other, followed the majority of the Quran more carefully, and lived generally more gracious lives, the whole political landscape of the area would be completely different.

That's why I separate them.

I'm sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree =) None of the Abrahamic religions are all that peaceful actually. They all feature and legitimzes violance and slavery. What's WRONG with religion is their Holy Books, and Islam has the Hadiths on top of that

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