DevilRising said:

As glad as I am that the Ravens FINALLY beat the pretender Steelers in the playoffs, I'm still rather grumpy that they lost to the Pats. Once again, it was pretty apparent they "had the Pats number", leading by 14 points TWICE in the game. But unfortunately that historically (for the Ravens) bad secondary reared it's ugly head again, and Flacco decided now would be a good time to break his "zero INTs" playoff streak. They still could have won the game right there at the end, and sent Tom Brady packing once again, but instead, Flacco threw a bad long pass that caused a game ending pick. If only they had run Forsett again, or thrown for another couple shorter-range "chunk plays", which had been working just fine, they might've won.

I "should be happy" that the Ravens did as good as they did with everything they had to face in 2014. In that I am proud of them. And they did play the "mighty" Patriots to the hilt, once again, and continued to give Brady more trouble than anyone this side of the hot and cold NY Giants have in the postseason. I'd call 2 blowout wins and 2 "near-miss" losses, all on the road in NE, pretty impressive. However, at the end of the day it still doesn't make me feel any better about Tom Brady advancing in the playoffs at our expense. And I really wish Flacco hadn't picked such a bad time to run out of his "playoff" magic. He still played a pretty good game, most TDs he's thrown in a playoff game, but he also stalled in second quarter, when we could have been piling on the points, at least with FGs, and then he decided to start throwing INTs in the 4th quarter.

I guess I hope that INDY can keep it up, and beats NE on the road, though I don't want to see the Colts get another SB win either. So really, I'm left cheering for the Seahawks once again, which is okay, because I do like them. I just hope their D keeps it up, and trashes GB, and then whatever AFC team makes it to the SB. I guess I'm left hoping for a Seattle repeat.

As a Patriots fan, all I can say is I would be thoroughly scared of Baltimore if they ever decided to start playing in the regular season with half of the consistency and clutchness that they do in the playoffs.