Chris Hu said:
mornelithe said:

Well, Fleener made some pretty great catches in the previous Colts/Pats game, didn't he?  Yeah, 7 for 144...ick.  Those are the kinda numbers that give me pause.  Wayne was 5 for 91, and for all intents and purposes TY Hilton was erased from the game (3 for 24).

That game was pretty much over by halftime so I'm guessing a lot of those yards where garbage yards.  Fleener is nowhere near being a top level TE at most he is a above avarage mid level TE.  Plus all those yards didn't amount to much since NE kept him from scoring and they still won by 22 points.

Well, I'm a thorough pessimist/cynic, so I'm always looking at the bad.  It's good you're here to balance it out hah.