Chris Hu said:
mornelithe said:

Well, I largely think the same thing, but who knows, the Colts could find a way to defend the  rush, and force Brady to have a shootout with Luck.  Not sure who that favors.  Definitely think the Pats secondary is good, but they have a hole at safety which is commonly exploited by TE's.  We'll see...I'm optimistic, really want the Pats to win, but I dislike counting any team out before kickoff (part of why I don't play the prediction game).

If the game turns into a shootout then the Patriots will win for sure since Brady is a much better quaterback on top of that the Colts are not very good on the road in cold weather they got lucky with the weather today in Denver.  Plus the Colts don't have a great TE that can exploit that hole at safety.

Well, Fleener made some pretty great catches in the previous Colts/Pats game, didn't he?  Yeah, 7 for 144...ick.  Those are the kinda numbers that give me pause.  Wayne was 5 for 91, and for all intents and purposes TY Hilton was erased from the game (3 for 24).