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I3LuEI3omI3eR said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Well, I wouldn't want either to be frank cause idk how much of an improvement it will be loll. Cause Mario Galaxy already looks so beautiful in Dolphin with just native res + aa and if thats the only thing they improve, then no thanks and if they improve it a lot more, then it would amaze me.

If they can improve it more than that, I will be amazed but if they can't (Cause how the tits do you improve that?) then no thanks cause just 1080p res is not worth the money imo

Oh and I don't really care much about the 3ds remaster

That's an Emulator though. Not everyone can afford a decent gaming pc with a good video card for the graphics to be that great (it looks beautiful btw).

Also, mostly Nintendo gamers don't like remakes (including I) but SMG is an expection. It is widely considered the best 3D world platforming game of all time. And also I have no doubt in my mind a remake of such a classic would make loads of $$$ and move some Wii Us off the shelves (or N3DS for that matter).

Well, the point wasn't the fact that you can emulate it... The point was that the game looks fantastic if they just upres it to 1080p or just add AA which takes little effort to do! And also just to show that the game looks pretty damn fantastic so I really cannot see what else they can do apart from upresing the game cause it already looks so beautiful with such minimal effort put into it!

So my point is that the difference between the wii version and the wiiU remaster will be minimal imo cause there is really not much to improve on but if they can actually manage to make it look very different, then I will be amazed (and obviously buy it)


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