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Jazz2K said:
bananaking21 said:
Jazz2K said:
Nice achievement. More than 18M in a little more than a year is great for PS4.

How do people know it's not shipped though? So they announced it was sold through as of jan4th but doesn't it take time to know that? Like every retailers from the world submitted their numbers? I say this because they have to compile everything and maybe they stopped counting like a week ago or more or are estimating. This is kind of weird imo.

I though every console makers shared only shipped numbers.

because sony said sold through. 

So they know one day before how many they sold through in the world? Didn't know they could track this fast. NPD is kind of pointless then.

Exactly. Sony says sold through, everyone jumps in and says that means it's ps4 systems sitting in someone's livingroom... ok. Sold through... to stores. A ps4 on a store shelf is still a sold system, for them. 18.5 million shipped. Simple.