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Platform December (%) December (%) Change (%)
PS4 38.1 36.7 +1.4
WiiU 35.3 36.0 -0.7
3DS 9.2 4.8 +4.4
XB1 7.4 8.7 -1.3
PC 6.8 7.8 -1.0
Vita 2.6 3.1 -0.5
PS3 0.6 1.5 -0.9
X360 0 1.0 -1

The big change this month is the 3DS nearly doubles its market share. After the release of Pokemon and Smash Bros 3DS game hype fell as well with a low of 4.8% marketshare last month. This month, largely because of the announcement of Zelda: Majora's Mask, 3DS has come back to 3rd place. Increased voting for Codename STEAM and Monster Hunter helped as well.

PS4 grew slightly with it's strong February lineup closing in, and every other platform fell to compensate for the rise in these two platforms. There was a lot of fluctuation this month as 30% less people voted.

Expect PS4 to remain on top for another month, but once Bloodborne, The Order, and Witcher 3 release WiiU should retake the lead in March. Maybe sooner if there is a Nintendo Direct this month.


Publisher November (%) November (%) Change (%)
Nintendo 40.7 38.6 +2.1
Sony 16.8 12.3 +4.5
Konami 5.6 7.6 -2
Square Enix 5.9 7 -1.9
Warner Bros 6.7 6.5 +0.2
Microsoft 6.7 6.5 +0.2
Atlus 3.8 3.2 +0.6
Nippon Ichi 2.3 0.4 +1.9
EA 2.3 1.6 +1.7
CAPCOM 2.2 3.1 -0.9

Sony gained a bit with the Bloodborne and The Order gaining more hype, but in general nothing special happened. Nippon Ichi came soaring up largely because of the 30% small vote, and because Hyperdimension gained more points while Hotaru no Nikki entered the chart with ~0.8% the total points.

Next month, anything can happen. Sony and Warner Bros will likely see more points, and maybe Nintendo too if Majora's Mask gains more votes and if there is another Nintendo Direct.


Genre December (%) December (%) Change (%)
Action-Adventure 32.2 33.1 -0.9
JRPG 29.4 31.0 -1.6
Shooter 15.5 13.0 +2.5
WRPG 6.9 6.2 +0.7
Platformer 3.0 2.0 +1.0
Strategy 2.7 1.7 +1.0
Horror 2.3 4.3 -2.0

So this month we see a rise in shooter's, platformers, and strategy games. This can be attributed to the increased hype for Splatoon & The Order 1886 (shooters) and Codename STEAM (Strategy). Platformers seem to be a random fluctuation, but there were votes for a few new entries like Crash and Shantae.

Next month expect WRPG's at the very least to go up. JRPG's might with Bloodborne releaseing, but with other heavy hitters like XenoBlade and Final Fantasy XV taking up the bulk of the vote, it might not.


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