Using my local stores 2 days after Christmas (Toys R Us, Target and GameStop) the WiiU was completly hard to find and the game shelves were picked bare of WiiU games. Smash, DKTF, Pikmin and Bayonetta will have nice jumps in sales.  I have feeling we will see the WiiU get right around 9 million by the end of the year. 

Making my claim earlier in the year to be wrong but i did not see the Xbox to whore themselves out like they did, nice play Xbox. I thought after being back in the black in the 3rd quarter a price drop would happen for the holidays, didn't happen. Without the price drop and still little marketing the WiiU is making money regardless and now people are starting to notice the games and buying the console.

Now going back to what I mean people will shocked in here by the nice peak the last 2 weeks the WiiU will see. I went to buy, with my $50 gift card I got for Christmas(thank mom) ,2 days afer Chirstmas, Captain Toad. I went to Target first and that game was unavailable, then went to Toys R Us. Toys R Us had Captain Toad but pretty much everything else was picked clean. Which was great because 2 days before Christmas I remember seeing a fulling stock shelf of WiiUs, which was 7-8 of them, now all gone.

I know my area doesn't tell the whole story but it is a good sniff on what is cooking wiith sales. I talked to a guy from GameStop and he said he was surprised how well the WiiU did in his store.

So this is a good sign my NIntendo Folks Stay Positive and enjoy gaming