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1. Super Mario Galaxy 2
Wii (2010)
EAD Tokyo

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the greatest game of all time.


What? You were expecting more? Well fine, take a seat and let ol' Smeagsy remind you of what an astonishing gaming feat Super Mario Galaxy 2 is. The original Galaxy was a breath of fresh air. A reminder of why I played video games and the immense joy one could have with a controller in one's hand. Super Mario Galaxy 2, on the other hand, is that joy tempered to perfection. That unbridled creativity forged to focused, tempered gameplay genius. Where every world offered something unique and celebrated that uniqueness with such passion and joy that it was impossible not to have a smile on my face for the entire duration of the game. The music, the graphics, the aformentioned tried and oh so true gameplay... it all came together to show us that this medium can achieve so much when you aim for the stars.

So here's to you Super Mario Galaxy 2, and everything you've given to this lowly gamer. Cheers indeed. *raises goblet*