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7. Super Mario 3D World
Wii U (2013)
Nintendo EAD Tokyo

I'll never forget the inital reaction to this game's reveal. The moans and groans of the fanbase decrying the game's existance. But I just sat back and smiled, knowing that the incredible developers at EAD Tokyo were going to deliver something amazing. And unsurprisingly enough, they delivered. Super Mario 3D World continues 3D Land's design by taking the best elements of Mario's 2D and 3D gameplay elements and putting them together to once again breathe life into the platforming genre. But what really sets 3D world apart is the ability to play as multiple characters, and for those multiple characters to play together. Now those 3D obstical courses can be played with family and friends, and the result is all smiles. I'll never forget the cries of "More Mario!" from my siblings, or the laughter we shared while playing this incredible game. Whether you're by yourself or with 3 friends, 3D World is a brilliant game that once again brings the player(s) bounds of joy.