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10. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
GameBoy (1998)
Game Freak

The game that started it all. Not just a game franchise, but a cultural phenomenon that's still felt today. I can't tell you how many times I played and replayed this game. How many times I defeated the Elite Four and Gary (his name is Gary!) to become the Pokemon League Champion. How many times I abused the Missingno. glitch to get infinite Rare Candies and Masterballs. How many rocks and Safari Balls I used to finally get Scyther. How many times I felt all powerful by using said Master Ball on Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon of them all. Or how many times I checked that random truck in Vermillion City for the elusive Mew. All I can tell you is that Pokemon Red/Blue (and later on Yellow) started something in my gaming life that's still being felt to this very day. The game has heart, and in the end that's what matters.