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11. Resident Evil 4
GameCube, PS2, Wii (2005)
Capcom Production Studio 4

I consider Resident Evil 4 a masterful game. The pacing, the action, the scares, the bosses, the music, the one liners, the revolutionary gameplay... it all adds up to a game that redefines what a video game can achieve. Not many games can say that they caused a revolution within the gaming industry, and all done while juggling the expectations and traditions of a much beloved franchise. It's funny, as the higher we go, the less words I have to describe why I love these games so much. Why say anything at all when you can just sit down and play these games that have rocked your gaming world? Well I've gone through Resident Evil 4 9 times now, and it was a thrill to play each and every time. Everything just falls into place so... perfectly. Words fall short on how great a game this is. So who needs words when you can just play?