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Euphoria14 said:
Zisbest said:

I wouldn't necessarily call my room 'retro' but it's host to the oldest systems I've got. (Also my beloved VHS recorder )


Ughh... I need to get another Dreamcast.

I would love to play some Powerstone with buddies. One of my favorite multiplayer games of all time.

I am sick to death of Power Stone 2.  My friends love that game and play it so much, that of all the years I'd known them, I only won a single game of power stone 2.  And that happened less than two years ago.  I own the game, he owns the game, but, I never touch my dreamcast.  I remember his oldest TV had the Power Stone 2 life bars burned into the screen due to how much the game was played.

I don't have a dedicated classic game set-up.  It depends on what I feel like doing.  I have over 80+ genesis games, and several PS2 games, and some DC games, but like I said, I don't touch my dreamcast, so....

Maybe one day I'll do something with it.  Right now, I own 3 sega genesis consoles, and two Dreamcast consoles, but they are never touched.  If I'm in a retro mood, I almost always go for the Genesis, though.  The games I played most on PS2, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and Soul Calibur II, are both on PS3, so there's no point in playing the flawed PS2 versions with terrible frame rates and missing characters... Eventhough I don't use spawn since I grew up with the PS2 version.

All that leaves is Tony Hawk's Underground, and Xenosaga episode I, which I also never play anymore.