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12. Metroid Prime
GameCube (2002)
Retro Studios

Metroid Prime was a bold move because not only did it bring Samus in a 3D world, it did it from a first person perspective. The result was a complete and utter success. Right from the get-go, the game feels right, the essence of what makes a Metroid game is still there, the exploration, the power ups, the morph ball, the inacessible path you'll get back to later, everything. Talon IV is beautiful, vast and a joy to explore. Samus controls perfectly, even when you have to run, make a double jump and shoot your grapple beam. The story is also really captivating, told through logs you scan during your journey, it is never forced on you. Filled with thrilling boss fights and challenging areas this game provides with many hours of gaming heaven.