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14. Conker's Bad Fur Day
Nintendo 64 (2001)
Rare Ltd.

With the Nintendo 64 fading into the twilight, Rare gave it one last swan song in their greatest work ever (which is saying a lot!). Conker's Bad Fur Day succeeds in the amount of diverse content it offers to the player. The legendary studio took everything they learned from all their previous games and combined them to offer an adventure that threw everything at you.  Throwing toilet paper at a giant singing Poo Monster, hover boarding across lava, taking down zombies and nazi teddiz, capturing villagers to fatten up a giant vampire bat, and smacking an iron golem's brass... er... balls. Doing this all while cracking jokes and spoofing movie moments (most hilarious being the Matrix spoof). I haven't even mentioned the multiplayer yet, which offered hours upon hours of great fun with a plethora of modes to choose from. When the game was rereleased on the Xbox (with the multiplayer completely gutted...), I sat down and completed the entire adventure in one sitting. Just as amazing as I remembered it. *raises glass of milk*