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vivster said:
gergroy said:

You shouldn't have enemies.  This is a site built on civil discourse and mutual respect, if you are viewing other users as enemies, you are doing it wrong!

Well I have been banned unnecessarily quite a few times, probably due to unnecessary reports from people that just wanted to see me banned. I don't necessarily see people who want to remove me from the community as my friends.

Do you have a better term for people that want to do me harm?

I hope you're not suggesting that all people in this community have only the best interest for their fellow members in mind.

I am not suggesting everybody on this site likes everybody else.  What I am suggesting is that if you stop viewing others as enemies and treat them with respect you won't have any "enemies" on here.  

I know I don't view anybody on this site as an enemy, and I doubt there is anybody on her who thinks I am an enemy...